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Becoming an Individual Supporter

The following paragraphs are intended to give a brief overview of the Individual Supporter Membership.



Open to the individual with an interest in maritime search and rescue, or the promotion of water safety.


Privileges and Duties

Individual Supporters will receive the bi-monthly newsletter (new window);
Individual Supporters will be made aware of any promotions and events (new window) and will receive any discounts;
Individual Supporters will receive 20% discount in the IMRF Bookshop (new window) for the duration of their Membership.
Individual Supporters will have access to the Members Assisting Members Website (new window) for posting offers and requests.


The Subscription is Dependent on

Payment of the dues in force;
2) Continued compliance with the eligibility criteria.

All applications for subscription must be approved by the Nominations Committee. The decision of the Committee with respect to all matters of eligibility is final.

Subscription dues will be set annually by the Committee. Such dues may be waived or altered at the discretion of the Committee.

The Committee have the right to refuse new Subscriptions and Memberships, and cancel existing Subscription and Memberships, which are harmful to the IMRF Member's Community.


Annual IMRF Supporter Membership

Supporting the IMRF is €30 Euro per annum (you can give more if wish).

For convenience and consistency, Individual Support Subscriptions are expressed in Euros. The full value of Support Subscriptions shown above should be remitted to IMRF, or transferred directly into IMRF accounts at the rate of exchange applicable to the Euro on the day of payment, and having covered any bank conversion charges or exchange commission.


You Can Subscribe Online


Or Download the Form Below

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