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The combination 'mother ship with daughter boat' is widely used in the world of professional maritime rescue services.

However, this questionnaire also covers small commercial vessels (such as fishing boats, crew transfer vessels, tug boats and pilot boats), which in many cases are equipped with a fast rescue craft.

Usually the tasks of such fast rescue craft are identical to those of the daughter boats. Thus the term 'daughter boat' in this questionnaire includes 'fast rescue craft'.

In questions 24 to 27 explicit reference is made to both, the daughter boat and the fast rescue craft.

The term 'vessel' includes mother ships, daughter boats and fast rescue craft.

This Questionnaire is for cases involving only one rescue vessel. For cases involving Mother Ship/Daughter Boat combinations, please go to "Questionnaire - Horizontal Rescue - Mother Ship with Daughter Boat/Fast Rescue Craft". 

If you have more than 1 vessel to submit, please resubmit this form for each vessel and its details, or download the paper form below and reuse it to submit each vessel and its details.

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The Vessel

1. Vessel Data

1a Please describe the vessel.

Operational Area

Rescue Procedure

Technical Rescue Execution

Rescue Procedure

1 - Extremely Difficult2345678910 - Very Easy
1 - Extremely Difficult2345678910 - Very Easy
1 - Not Successful at All2345678910 - Very Successful
1 - Not Satisfied2345678910 - Very Satisfied
1 - Extremely Disturbing2345678910 - Does not Interfere at All



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