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Visit Organisation's Education Website

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Education and prevention are one of the main missions of the Società Nazionale di Salvamento (National Rescue Society) since the foundation in 1871.

We are convinced that education and prevention are the best "remedy": avoiding water emergencies through improved awareness of the dangers related to sailing, swimming, other water sports or water activities in general, especially among the youth.

We are spreading knowledge, awareness, and information on water safety behavior through safety campaign at school: the base is a memorandum of understanding, agreed by SNS and the Ministry of Education, University and Research for communication in primary and secondary education of the water safety culture.

The philosophy is the information campaign "I Learn for Me", "I Learn for Others", "I Rescue Others".

Every summer, other events are organised in cooperation with the Coast Guard with the same aim. We do this through beach games, like "Daddy, I Rescue" with the "Ten Golden Rules for a Safe Swimming". This is good for school conferences. Or "My Friend the Sea", for example.



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