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IMRF Members Saving Lives in the Aegean

Posted in LIFELINE December 2015 - English

A number of IMRF members are doing great things in response to the Mediterranean crisis.

As James Vaughan notes, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) has been operating in the central region of the Mediterranean, and is now focussing on migrant issues in the Bay of Bengal too. However, as the winter deepens and casualty rates climb, MOAS is also positioning a 51m emergency response vessel, Topaz Responder, in Greek territorial waters, to act as a patrol and response unit, and as mother ship to two high-speed rescue vessels, Aylan and Galip, named for the Kurdi brothers whose deaths shocked the world in September.

This is Iman

Posted in LIFELINE December 2015 - English

This is Iman. She is three years old, and she clutches a Swedish Sea Rescue Society teddy-bear. Two days before this picture was taken the boat she was in sank. When the SSRS picked her up she was slipping in and out of consciousness and her pulse and breathing were weak: she had hit her head on rocks. The crew worked on her for 16 minutes while driving at 35 knots through rough seas to get her to an ambulance. As you can see, they did well.

IMRF Members Agree Coordination of Crisis Response Needed

Posted in LIFELINE December 2015 - English

IMRF CEO Bruce Reid writes:

Senior representatives of several European IMRF member organisations met in Oslo in November: DGzRS, the German Maritime SAR Service; KNRM, the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution; the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, of the UK & Ireland; the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, SSRS; and the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, RS. All have a deep interest in the ongoing crisis in the Mediterranean (see 'Saving Lives: A Simple Principle', 'IMRF Members Agree Coordination of Crisis Responds Needed' and 'IMRF Members Saving Lives in the Aegean'.) and a desire to ensure that support from IMRF members to the hard-pressed SAR services in the region is as well-coordinated as possible.



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