The European Regional Development Meeting 2017

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20171103 125833008The European Regional Development Meeting was hosted by the RNLI at the RNLI College in Poole, United Kingdom, on the 2nd and 3rd November this year.

The regional meetings are a chance for members to discuss the topics that affect their organisations as well as form a network of colleagues throughout Europe. The theme for this year's meeting was Risk and Learning from Experience and the meeting was comprised of three workshops as well as summaries from IMRF projects.

IMRF Panel Updates

In past years we have received some very good suggestions for projects that can be progressed between meetings and three of these panels reported on what they had achieved over the year.

The IMRF Future Technology Panel
The IMRF Crew Exchange
The IMRF Communications and Fundraising Skillshare

In future editions of LIFE LINE we will look at these panels in depth.

20171103 154749010Workshops

Three workshops were held over the course of the 2 days and they formed an overall picture of the importance of crew welfare and how an organisation can form a dynamic safety system from recruitment all the way through to retirement.

The Crew Welfare Puzzle

This was lead by Jori Nordström, who is our European Regional Coordinator, and featured a case study of a capsize during training. All delegates were asked to discuss how crew welfare can be established from the start of a crew member's SAR career.

Investigations of Incidents

David Cunane and Andrew Woods of the RNLI Investigation team lead a very informative workshop on the methods of investigation that the RNLI uses after a traumatic incident has occured.

Policy Deployment and Embedding

Sigurður Ragnar Viðarsson and Jón Svanberg Hjartarson of ICE-SAR explained how new regulations and operating procedures are filtered to their volunteers.

20171103 150132009Tours and Demonstrations

As part of the meeting all delegates had an opportunity to look around the RNLI College, All Weather Lifeboat Centre, Simulator as well as a demonstration of Sea Survival. The Sea survival was an interactive demonstration, which saw some of our delegates put through their paces in a simulated storm in the pool.

Looking Forward to 2018

Vivi Schumann of Redningsselskapet (RS) also had the opportunity to announce that the 2018 meeting will be held at the newly opened RS Noatun Horten in Norway. The dates for this 2018 European Regional Development meeting will be confirmed very soon.

RS IMRF Regional Meeting November 2017060The regional meetings are a fantastic opportunity for members to meet their SAR neighbours and this meeting saw 37 organisations from 19 countries come together and discuss the issues that are important to them.

All of the outcomes and notes from this meeting will be uploaded to the IMRF website over the next few weeks. If you attended the meeting and have not yet submitted feedback you can do so here:

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