Sea Rescuers & DGzRS 150 Years Celebrations Get a Big Thumbs Up from Space

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The DGzRS has friends in high places, but probably none higher than the International Space Station circling 400 kilometers above the earth.

European Space Agency Astronaut, Alexander Gerst, has sent a message of greeting and support comparing the preparation needed to rescue people at sea with the work he is doing, both requiring training and preparation to work in extreme situations.

To celebrate the great work done by sea rescuers and the 150th anniversary of the DGzRS, Alexander displays the DGzRS flag he has taken to space and is displaying it as a symbol for the work done by rescuers across borders.

"I wish to all the sea rescuers mainly what we astronauts wish each other: always a safe return!" said Alexander in finishing his message.

Alexander is a geophysicist and a volcanologist. He is spending six months on the ISS for ESA's Blue Dot mission and is the 3rd German to visit the ISS.


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