Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) Looking for Help and Finding Support

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Chef Needed

IMRF WMRC key note speaker, director Brig. Ret'd. Martin Xuereb of MOAS – the Migrant Offshore Aid Station charity – has put out a call for 'Great chefs to brave the Mediterranean waters in exchange for an extraordinary life-saving adventure.'

The chefs chosen will form part of an international team of 20 crew members working on board a 40-metre vessel, the Phoenix.

The NGO is preparing to resume its search and rescue operation between May and October and is looking for voluntary chefs to be part of this challenging yet rewarding project. The job is voluntary and the only reward will be helping to save lives at sea.

Simon Templer, last year's MOAS chef remembers cooking food for 300 starving and dehydrated migrants in a scorching small boat kitchen.

"Once we had to rescue two migrant boats at one go and I had to feed 300 people. I prepared big pots of pasta and rice in tomato sauce and had to ensure it was kept warm by the time everybody was served," said Mr Templer.

"I've cooked on boats before, but it was nothing compared to what I've experienced with MOAS. It was hard, exciting and even overwhelming at times, seeing all those children being taken on board," he added.

The next chefs need to be fully conversant in English and comfortable working at sea for a minimum of two weeks.

MOAS will support its volunteer chefs with insurance, return airfare and a first aid and STCW 95 training (if required). The NGO is looking for persons, who are healthy non-drug users and comfortable living with a documentary film-maker on board the Phoenix.

Volunteers available to participate in MOAS first operation this summer must be available to report for duty in the European island of Malta on Friday 24th April.

Applicants must write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Support for MOAS Work Grows

MOAS have also announced that German entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jürgen Wagentrotz, has decided to donate more than €180,000 to the search and rescue charity.

Mr Wagentrotz will be donating €180,000 of his own personal wealth while his company Oil and Gas Invest AG will also be making a big donation in fuel to help partly fund the mission for six months this year.

MOAS director Brig. Ret'd. Martin Xuereb thanked Mr Wagentrotz for his important contribution: "Mr Wagentrotz will not only be giving MOAS substantial and much-needed financial support. He will also be lending invaluable knowledge, expertise, contacts and experience.

Most importantly, he is setting an example to other private citizens and businesses, who should also get involved to help stop more tragedies in the Mediterranean."

A former East German who left his homeland and parents at a young age, Mr Wagentrotz knows what it is like to be a refugee and feels a personal connection to the hundreds of thousands refugees risking their lives to reach Europe.

MOAS has raised more than €80,000 through its crowd funding initiative (www.moas.eu), half of which has been received from German citizens.

Come to the World Maritime Rescue Congress and hear first-hand the work MOAS is doing to prevent loss of life through migration on the waters of the Mediterranean.

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