Vessel TRIAGE - New System for the Distress Vessel's Risk Assessment

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The International Maritime Rescue Federation has been one of the partners supporting the Finnish Boarder Guard and Finnish Safety Agency's Vessel Triage Project.

This week CEO Bruce Reid had the privilege to attend the launch of the completed project, The Vessel Triage System in Helsinki and noted that "The Vessel Triage System will be a valuable addition to the Mass rescue Operations resources available".

Safety is crucial in seafaring. When an accident occurs, the crew, regardless of its training, is almost always faced with a unique situation. This makes it difficult to assess the situation and make decisions. A new categorisation system "Vessel TRIAGE" has been developed by a multinational project to improve risk assessment and communications in maritime accidents.

The system has been developed in the project of the same name, which was coordinated by the Finnish Border Guard, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency and the Finnish Transport Agency in 2014–2015 ( Representatives from close to 40 organisations from about 15 countries took part in the project, which was financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland from the fund for cooperation in the Baltic Sea, Barents and Arctic region.

Vessel TRIAGE facilitates the assessment of the vessel's situation, and related decision-making and communication. The system is intended for use by both vessels and maritime emergency responders to assess whether the subject vessel can provide a safe environment for the people aboard. The system expresses the safety status of the vessel in terms of a Vessel TRIAGE category. There are four categories: GREEN, YELLOW, RED and BLACK. As no equivalent vessel categorisation systems exist yet, the aim is to spread the system for international use.

There will be a presentation by the Finnish Border Guard on the Vessel Triage System at the IMRF World Maritime Rescue Congress in Bremerhaven, 1-4 June, as part of the Mass Rescue Operations workshop.

More information about both the Vessel TRIAGE system and the event is available from Project Manager Jori Nordström, tel. +358 2954 21155, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The events proceeding can be found online with the presentations here and here (Both new window ) 


Watch the Video "Vessel TRIAGE - Colour Codes for Emergency Communication" below:

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