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As noted in our report on the recent IMRF Quadrennial General Meeting, we are now able to offer a new class of IMRF membership, that of ‘Individual Supporter’.

The IMRF has always been based on membership by organisations. But now anyone wanting to support global maritime search and rescue development, or the promotion of water safety, can join in.

The minimum subscription for an Individual Supporter is €30 a year (although you can give more if you wish!). The IMRF is registered as a charity in the United Kingdom, and therefore subject to UK charity law – so you can be certain that your membership subscription will be carefully used in our work of preventing loss of life in the world’s waters.

And there is a great deal of work to do. The IMRF has an international reputation in this field, and we are asked to help with all sorts of SAR development projects.

Your support will help us meet more of these requests.

Click Here to Become an Individual Supporter!

What do you get in return, apart from the knowledge that you are helping save lives? Well, you will receive this newsletter; you will be made aware of any promotions and events and will be eligible for any Member discounts available; and you can benefit from a 20% discount on purchases you make in the IMRF’s online bookshop.

Visit the ‘Become a Member’ for more information.

And, if you represent an organisation, have a look at our other membership classes too:

o Full Members’ provide maritime search and/or rescue services as one of their primary purposes, and are our core membership group, with ultimate responsibility for governing what the IMRF is and does;
o Affiliate Members’ are subsidiaries of Full Member organisations; or organisations whose primary purpose is the promotion of water safety; or organisations engaged in setting up search and rescue services; and
o Associate Membership’ is open to any organisation or person with an interest in the provision of maritime search and rescue, or the promotion of water safety.

Visit the website – and join us if you can!

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