New Life Rescue Boat for the Hellenic Rescue Team on Kos Island

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'CHIARA' is the name of the new life rescue boat of the Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT), which will operate in the greater sea area of Kos island by the local branch of the Organization, with the purpose to support SAR missions.

The boat is a donation of the German rescue organization DGzRS (Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger,, member of the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) and falls under the program 'Members Assisting Members', which began in September 2015, with the purpose to support the operational capability of the Hellenic Rescue Team at sea.

photo 2smallThis specific program started as a result of the especially increased demand for refugees’ rescue in the Aegean Sea and continues until today with donation of equipment as well as in the form of training programs for the volunteers of the Hellenic Rescue Team.

It is a modern rescue boat, Panther type, built from polyethylene and equipped with all necessary rescue means, adapted to operate in the Aegean Sea area by volunteers of HRT Kos branch.

In order to reinsure the best possible use of the vessel, members of the German rescue organization DGzRS will train the volunteers of HRT Kos to the vessel’s operation and to SAR procedures at sea.

It needs to be noted that DGzRS was one of IMRF members that immediately responded to the sensitive refugees’ issue by sending to Lesvos the MINDEN boat that operated on the island from March until early June 2016, saving 1138 lives among which 202 were children. photo 3smallDuring this period there was close collaboration with the HRT branch on Lesvos, at an operational and training level, providing the opportunity to members of the HRT branch on the island to learn many great things from a rescue organization with a 151-year long history. Moreover, the German organization donated to the Lesvos branch large quantity of first aid equipment.

The Hellenic Rescue Team wished to express its deep appreciation to all the people of DGzRS for this important support.

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