United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Search and Rescue Center Joins the IMRF

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The NSRC (National Search and Rescue Center) is responsible for all civilian Search and Rescue (SAR) operations within the UAE’s Air and Maritime SAR Region. His Excellency Major General Staff Pilot Stephen Toumajan, the General Manager of NSRC said "Our objective is saving lives in all of the UAE" His Excellency also added that “joining the IMRF will certainly enhance learning from experience and exchanging perspectives and knowledge among SAR practitioners". Here NSRC explain more about their organisation:

The NSRC was established for many necessary reasons. One being the vision of becoming an authority with the highest standards of efficiency in performing and conducting search and rescue missions in all UAE’s region in both aeronautical and maritime sectors.

The mission of NSRC is strengthen and consolidate capabilities, communications and coordination of efforts in providing search and rescue services in the UAE's land, maritime and air territory with the concerned authorities and respond quickly to the event within a maximum of one hour (Golden Hour) to ensure the safety of life and property in accordance with the highest international safety standards for SAR.

Changes in the environment and the increase in maritime movements in UAE waters will need an improvement in the SAR capability to ensure the preparedness of NSRC for all incidents. The NSRC aims to provide search and rescue services and manage related operations as well as the implementation of the general policy of SAR procedures related to the management and organisation of SAR operations.

NSRC has strategic objectives established and developed for a unified system to provide SAR services at the national level in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

DSC 1517 LRsmallTo support crisis management, emergency response, recovery and recovery activities, the NSRC is developing an advanced SAR system infrastructure in accordance with international standards. In addition to developing training programs and exercises that strengthen national staff of the United Arab Emirates and increase the operational capacity of the NSRC. At the same time, it is needed to spread the culture of search and rescue at the national level and strengthen the UAE’s position at the regional and international levels in the fields of SAR.

The NSRC has signed a radio communications system strategic project that provides GMDSS communication services in the maritime environment. This will enhance the safety capability in aeronautical and maritime sectors, including the coordination of SAR missions and operations on land, at sea and in the air.

It will also allow for the effective coordination of aeronautical and maritime SAR operations, the broadcast of Maritime Safety Information and other general maritime radio communications services in support of all other maritime safety activities. Additionally, it allows for meeting distress alerting, coordination, Incident Management/Command and Control requirements in coastal, territorial seas and other sea areas. These are areas over which the UAE has jurisdiction and responsibilities enshrined within the International Conventions which the UAE has ratified.

It allows the UAE government to respond to all crisis operations in the aeronautical, maritime and land environments and provide sufficient voice channel and data communications capacity to support multiple operations as and when required.

An important value of the Coast Radio Station is to allow the operators from the RCC to support radio communications between ships in Emirati waters, as defined by GMDSS Sea Area and associated coastal areas.

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