Operation SAR Coordinated By The Dakar MRCC

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On the 9th December 2013 at 10:48 p.m. (EDT), the Regional Operational Centre for Monitoring and Rescue (CROSS) of Gris Nez, France, contacted the Rescue Coordination Centre Maritime (MRCC) in Dakar, Senegal, to report a distress signal of the French sailboat "YEO".

The 7 meter long Sailboat had two people onboard of French nationality. The Sailboat had a very limited ability to maneuver due to the breaking of one of its two rudders at the L=15° 08.48 'N - 035 ° G = 37.25 ' W. This happened at approximately 604 nautical west of Mindelo Islands, Cape Verde and at 1136 nautical of North East Guyana.

With good coordination between MRCC Dakar, MRCC Praia (Cape Verde) and the Gris - Nez, a cargo ship called "Kujawy" (IMO number 9284029) was diverted to meet the Sailboat. The Dakar MRCC has maintained permanent contact with the two ships, updating each other every hour. Mainly regarding the different relative positions and also to reassure those in distress.

Thus, on the 10th December 2013, at 06:00 GMT, the two French individuals were safely taken aboard the "Kujawy". The "Kujawy" continues its journey to the port of Vila Do Conde in Brazil, where they will arrive on 14th December 2013.


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