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As part of the actions taken for the completion of the implementation of the provisions of the International Conference held in Florence (Italy) in 2000 on Maritime Search and Rescue within the African continent, the International Maritime Organization coordinated a fact finding mission to Senegalese SAR services from 21- 23 July 2014.

This mission was conducted by Mrs Beatrice Vormawah from IMO and gentlemen Udo Fox and Mohammed Drissi, respectively CEO of the German SAR Services and IMRF Trustee and SAR Coordinator in Morocco and regional Coordinator for IMRF.

The mission's main objective was to consolidate and gather SAR services in the North West African region and improve cooperation and convince Senegal to join officially the region by signing the multilateral agreement.

The approach also involves the establishment of regional leading countries in a position to represent their areas and identify and formulate to this Forum needs training and technical assistance in these areas.

At the end of the mission, which was very successful, Senegal has given its approval for its official accession to the North West African SAR region.

In this perspective, the International Maritime Organization has adopted the signing of the agreement in its headquarters in London on 25 September 2014 during the World Maritime Day.

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