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The objective of the LYNCEUS2MARKET project is to improve and optimise current technologies and prototypes developed by the LYNCEUS consortium in order to deliver innovative wireless devices that can be easily integrated in new and existing passenger ship infrastructure providing a low-cost and robust safe evacuation system. This innovative system will enable on-board and overboard people localisation, person activity monitoring, real-time disaster escalation monitoring and adaptive decision support.

Stein SolbergHere Stein Solberg of the External Advisory Board/IMRF explains more.

A step forward for safer evacuation of large passenger ships.

IMRF are represented in the project’s “External Advisory Board”, together with Carnival Corporation, Cruise Lines International Association, Cyprus Maritime Administration, Malta Flag and Fincantieri.

The project started in June 2015 and the third meeting of the External Advisory Board took place in Limassol, Cyprus, on 8-9 May 2018, at the 36th meeting of the project consortium. After a project status report, the Board members provided their expert advice/feedback.

The LYNCEUS2MARKET project is an innovative people localisation system for safe evacuation of large passenger ships.

We know that a maritime incident involving passenger vessels could soon become a Mass Rescue Operation. Such an operation would be the ultimate challenge both for those handling the incident onboard and for the SAR services that have the obligation to coordinate assistance to those in distress.

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The “LYNCEUS2MARKET project” a follow-up of the “LYNCEUS project” addresses this challenge through developing an operational system for safer evacuation based on locating and tracking of people onboard and for overboard search and rescue as well as for safe evacuation of ships during emergency. It is based on the results developed in the LYNCEUS project, where innovative technologies were tested in lab and in small scale pilots.

LYNCEUS2MARKET” brings together cruise ship owners, operators, ship builders, maritime equipment manufacturers, a classification society, industry associations and important technology organizations with the aim to implement the first market replication of these technologies and products, as well as create significant impact by saving passenger lives during maritime accidents.

The system consists of: 

•   Life jackets that can provide passenger location in real-time during emergency
Smart smoke detectors that also act as base stations of an on-board localisation system
Innovative location emitting bracelets able to send activity data to the emergency management team
Low-cost fire and flooding escalation monitoring sensor nodes
Novel mustering hand-held devices for automatic identification and counting of passengers during evacuation
Smart location emitting cabin key cards
Intelligent decision support software able to integrate all locations, activity and disaster data to provide a real-time visualisation, passenger counting and evacuation decision support
Innovative shore or ship-launched unmanned aerial vehicle for locating people in the sea in short time and assisting search and rescue operations when accident occurs in extreme weather, during the night or in a remote location

The project is in the final stage, focusing mainly on demonstration. A full scale (Large-scale) onboard system demonstration was successfully performed onboard the cruise ship Rhapsody of the Seas on May 23rd 2018.

In addition, the project has submitted a first working draft to a new ISO standard on such systems.

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