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12 ladies from Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT) recently participated in a one week training-program with Redningsselskapet (RS) at the Norwegian sea rescue academy.

Over a period of two years Redningsselskapet have been organising training courses for the members of HRT. The first two courses held at Sjøredningsskolen in Horten, had only male delegates and the next two courses had just a few female delegates and RS were keen to encourage females to attend future courses. RS have had positive experiences of facilitating courses just for women in the past as this allowed for different training styles to be used and so the decision was made to make the most recent course a female only course.

The course was a great success and the delegates were given a full week of training that was aimed to give them skills to take back to HRT. The sessions included HUET/Capsize theory and training in pool, boat handling and communication and SAR-training.


Here is what the delegates had to say about their time at RS:


Eliza Patrinou
Generally, I can say it was a complete education week! All the people of RS welcomed us with open arms and incredible warmth! Our instructors with deep knowledge and experiences was beside us in every move and always willing to answer any questions!


Evmorfia Dania
Training by RS was a great learning experience! We learned so many useful things that will help us continue saving more lives. We will try to share this knowledge to all our colleagues in HRT.
Thank you for everything!!!




Vaso Giantsidou
My answer to your question is only positive and i believe that our training with RS was a unique and exquisite experience...the knowledge we gained was plenty, diverse and useful, and I'm sure it will help us with our future course as rescuers!


Popi Tado
One week training with RS in Norway was a great experience for me!! I'm happy because I had the opportunity to learn many things from people who are experts in SAR! All trainers was excellent, ready to answer to any question we had, with patience and with simple words! They also help us to do things that seemed to be impossible for us to do,(like the helicopter in the pool)! All people that they welcome us, was excellent also.




Varvara Meliadou
To be educated from RS, one of the best Rescue teams in the history of lifesaving at sea, it was something that I really wanted. The first thing that I thought was that we the women can achieve everything! And here is the time where 12 rescue women from HRT were trained in the “home” of RS. In the place where the training has its highest standards, the rescue training center is fully equipped (and they prepare the new one), and finally with high level of instructors.

 17499490 1875026586043932 7000942574650214901 nIt is fantastic to see one of our oldest members supporting one of our newest members. Norway was actually present at the very first International Lifeboat Conference, in 1924, and they are still working towards fulfilling the goal of promoting cooperation between the world’s existing lifeboat services and assisting in the establishment of new lifeboat services.

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