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With apologies to readers who are not attending the World Maritime Rescue Congress this time – and we are sorry to have missed you! – here is a quick explanation of what will be going on for those of you who are.

The Congress is a four-yearly gathering of people from all around the maritime SAR world, whether IMRF Members or not. The aim is simple: to share experience of SAR in all its aspects so that, together, we can make it better.

Above all, the Congress – like all IMRF conferences – is not about sitting in an auditorium listening to a succession of speakers and watching the paint dry on a succession of powerpoints...

There will be speakers, yes, and exciting ones, with a wide range of presentations for you – but everyone at Congress can take part.

It’s a conversation, an exchange, a sharing of experience and information. It is ‘workshop’ based, with brief expert presentations sparking discussion and debate.
The majority of the event, then, will be divided into a series of workshops grouped into three workstreams running in parallel:


Details are in the Congress handbook. Delegates can choose between streams and between workshops as they wish. And there are plenty of opportunities to network too, plus a world-class SAR Exhibition, plus a fleet of SAR units to visit, plus a partners’ programme...

Enjoy – and remember, if you need help, look out for one of the IMRF’s Congress team. They’ll be wearing light blue shirts like above, and they are there to answer your questions, or find someone who can!

Congress is followed, in the same venue, by the IMRF’s Quadrennial General Meeting, when the Members review the work of the last four years and help plan the next four. Although it’s our business meeting, any Congress delegate is very welcome to attend.

There will be at least two votes at the QGM; one on proposed amendments to our constitution; and one to elect the Board of Trustees who will guide the IMRF through the next quadrennium. Only Full Members may vote and each must have an authorised representative to do so.

Again, if you have questions, please ask a member of the IMRF Congress team...

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