International Maritime Mass Rescue Conference – June 2017

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As noted on our front page, the IMRF will be running another in the acclaimed 'Gothenburg' series of maritime mass rescue operations conferences on 11-13 June 2017. Those who have attended earlier conferences in this series agree that they are a bit different, great fun, inclusive – and, above all, useful. Now you can book your place at the next one.

Like previous conferences in the series, this event will be hosted by IMRF Members the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, and much of it will take place at or near their fine headquarters by the shore at Långedrag, a short distance from central Gothenburg. Great rates are being negotiated at hotels in the city, and transport between the hotels and the conference venue is included in the course fee. Watch the IMRF websites for details.

The Gothenburg conferences are distinguished from most 'conferences' in two important ways. First, they encourage real discussion, not just listening to a series of presentations. The June 2017 event ('G4') will be no different. It will be based on a series of mass rescue case studies, introduced by people directly involved in the incidents themselves, and supported by expert panellists discussing the issues arising. And you will be able to contribute to the debate.

Secondly, we include a live element. This, like the detail of the main conference itself, is still being carefully planned, and details will be announced later – but we can tell you now that you will be invited to take part in a live mass rescue operation, either as an observer or as an active responder! The aim is to get us all thinking about the issues we will be discussing as the conference goes on. It’s an 'optional extra', though. For those whose time is really limited, the results will be reported on the first morning of the conference itself.

The exercise will begin at 1600 on Sunday 11 June. The conference runs on Monday & Tuesday 12 & 13 June. You can book your place now – and, as noted on the front page, if you take advantage of our special early registration rate you can save €200 per person!

But don’t delay. To qualify for the ‘early bird’ discount you must make AND pay for your registration by Friday 6 January. And there are only 140 places available. So, visit now...

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