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Asociación Voluntaria de Salvamento Acuático de Venezuela, or ADES-VE – founded in 2012 – has joined the international IMRF family with the aim of sharing experience and expertise (see ‘To belong’ in the February issue of LIFE LINE).

Venezuela has more than 500,000 square kilometres of water and over 3,000 kilometres of shoreline. ADES-VE is an NGO composed of expert volunteers who wish to provide planning and response support to the government authorities whose mission it is to safeguard people, animals and goods in all the country’s waters.

Safety and emergency response on these waters and waterways are the responsibility of the National Institute of Aquatic Spaces (INEA), Coast Guard Navy and Coast Guard National Guard, while other jurisdictions such as the Ministry of Environment also have relevant roles. ADES-VE provides operational support and programmes to disseminate environmental and ecological education and accident prevention and maritime safety information. They also cooperate in SAR planning and missions.

ADES-VE maintain coastal radio stations, using their own resources and manned 24 hours. They monitor distress and calling frequencies for requests for help, and address them expeditiously and efficiently until the situation is satisfactorily resolved. Currently two stations are registered with the authorities: ADES-VE Las Piedras on the Paraguana Peninsula in Falcon State, and ADES-VE Pampatar on Margarita Island in Nueva Esparta State.

The organisation seeks to recruit their volunteers among college students and young professionals who contribute with their knowledge in different areas of nautical science and serve as information providers to the communities in each region where ADES-VE operates.adeslogo

The aim is to be Venezuela’s most effective voluntary organisation dedicated to the preservation of life at sea and protection of the aquatic environment. Specific objectives include building up a volunteer organization trained in maritime SAR and environmental protection and to provide an immediate response capability to meet any contingency planning or search and rescue requirement in support of the competent agencies, including in other countries or on the high seas. ADES-VE also aspires to operating specifically designed and equipped rescue boats of their own.

The IMRF welcomes ADES-VE to the family, and looks forward to supporting the organisation’s development as best we can.

Photos: Ready to rescue – with lifejackets donated via the IMRF!

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